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Mechellet Armelin

Image Coaching in Los Angeles

Mechellet wants to help her clients magnetize an extraordinary life by creating an attractive personal style that is true to themselves.

In a world of monotony, Mechellet Armelin is helping women make a statement and create an authentic, appropriate, attractive, and affordable personal image through her work as an Image Coach through her business, Image Consulting Excellence (ICE). 

Mechellet believes that image is EVERYTHING! The clothes we wear and our style are so revealing of who we are and our personalities, sending messages about us as individuals. It’s no small thing; in fact, your image affects how you feel and how people perceive you. As a result, this impacts not only our confidence and self-esteem but also how others see, interact with, trust, and communicate with us. Mechellet coaches her clients to magnetize an extraordinary life by creating an attractive signature style that is true to themselves.

Mechellet founded Image Consulting Excellence in 2005, where she’s been working as a Lifestyle Manager and Event Coordinator helping executives, celebrities, and many other unsung amazing women manage their lifestyle endeavors, both personal and professional. 

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As an Image Coach, Mechellet wears several hats, one being Lifestyle Manager. In this role, she manages multiple areas of her clients’ lives; she’ll build a personal wardrobe through shopping and styling, perform home organization, purchase furniture and accessories, and provide interior design services. Additionally, Mechellet creates budgets, expense reports, and a consolidated credit card account. 

When she’s operating as an Event Coordinator, Mechellet’s work includes planning, coordinating, and executing various events such as special occasions, holiday parties, and social gatherings. By establishing long-standing vendor relationships, Mechellet enjoys effortless negotiation to connect her clients with the best services for the best pricing options. Her role doesn’t end there; by conceptualizing and creating the layout, decor design, placement, and vendor logistics that bring each client’s vision to life, she can ensure an enjoyable guest experience. 

Mechellet Armelin is a highly skilled and experienced individual with multi-faceted expertise. She received her Bachelors of Science degree in Sociology from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in 1994. During her education, she also developed core competencies that include Ethical Responsibility, Cultural Competency, Organizational Effectiveness, Functions of Management, Organizational Effectiveness, and Conflict Resolution, among others. 

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