According to experts, you have less than twenty-seven seconds to make a good impression. That’s not even enough time to get out a proper introduction in most cases. This fact emphasizes the need for a professional image right out the gate.

This is where an image consultant comes into play. Image consultants specialize in creating a professional appearance around their clients. In other words, they coach clients on etiquette, professional dress, communication skills, and even behavior.

Depending on the needs of a client, an image consultants’ tasks may vary. Frequently they help design wardrobes, coach clients on behaviors desirable for their position, and help fill in all the gaps that may otherwise be a roadblock to success.

Enhancing Fashion and Building a Wardrobe

Previously, we’ve discussed the need of having a professional wardrobe. An image consultant is an expert in this field and can help clients create a flawless wardrobe. Designing a wardrobe is a complex process, and as such, it can be pretty intimidating to professionals with little experience.

Image consultants are ready and willing to hold a client’s hand through this entire process – starting with shopping and concluding with a completed wardrobe. They will help clients understand their ideal color palette and find the best fit for their style. This includes ensuring that the clothes fit correctly, of course.

The best part about approaching an image consultant for this task is handling any additional requirements or restrictions handed their way. This includes designing a capsule wardrobe or choosing articles of clothing intended for extended wearability.

Completing the Look

Accessories are a crucial component to any look, including a professional look. Image consultants help clients understand their best features and accentuate them accordingly.

This includes training on proper makeup application, advising on hairstyles and hair care, and any other details that may become relevant. As with designing a wardrobe, consultants will help develop several styles for different activities, such as professional events, casual events, and everything in between.

Building Up Social Skills

The wrong words can completely ruin the impact of a professional look – so it is essential to back them up. Hiring an image consultant specializing in these concerns is a must for those hoping to increase their social skills and etiquette understanding. 

Building up communications skills is about more than the words being spoken (although they do play a part in the process). It is also about learning how to convey these words while also applying nonverbal cues to support one’s statement.

These days it has become more common than ever to need a little additional coaching for virtual etiquette. After all, Zoom meetings have become the new norm, bringing many changes.

Consultants also train in behavior and manners. It is incredible how far a good set of manners will get a person these days. Behavior and manners training can be as simple as the basics or as in-depth as an entire course. It truly depends on the client’s needs, as with anything else.

Increasing Confidence

There are many reasons to reach out to an image consultant: in the hopes of getting a raise, trying to revamp one’s look, or even simply the desire to feel more confident in life. Regardless of the reason, the latter will almost certainly be one of the results.

Image consultants inherently offer a boost in confidence, as they help a person present their best self to the world. It feels good knowing that the best impression possible is being made. Even when a first impression isn’t available, feeling good in one’s clothing and skin can help many business ventures.

Staying Relevant

There is a constant fear in any business of losing relevance. Given how quickly the times can change, this frequently is a valid fear. Technology improves, fashion styles change, and people grow up.

An image consultant is uniquely qualified to help clients stay relevant. Or, more accurately, to help them dress with the styles of the times. This leaves the mind free to handle the specifics of the business. 

Who Could Use an Image Consultant?

To put it simply, almost anyone could use an image consultant at some point in their life. There is no shame in seeking out professional help – we do it every day in countless other aspects of our lives.

In particular, specific clients are more likely to reach out to a business consultant. For example, a business professional hoping to start their own company is more likely to lean on these skills, as they understand the importance of that critical first impression. Likewise, a business person climbing the ranks within their company may find an image consultant useful when it comes to standing out from the crowd.